Anders Miolin

Anders Miolin is one of the most highly renowned classical guitar performers of today. Miolin is an extraordinarily individual and innovative musician who’s art is repeatedly attaining international acclaim in ardent press critics of his concert programs and CDs. Anders Miolin is a performer, composer, professor of guitar at the Zürich University of Arts and author. The art of Anders Miolin is founded in the great tradition of classical performing, and he keeps that tradition alive with innovation and expression, always staying true to the music and its inner meaning. His interest in traditions of not only the Western music, but also other musical traditions of the world is present. As an outstanding virtuoso and artist with passion for colours and emotions, Anders Miolin knows no constraints to his flight of imagination when arranging and composing music for his unique instrument, the 13-string-guitar, developed in Zurich by him and the guitar luthier Ermanno Chiavi. This worldwide unique and pioneering instrument has a span of 5 octaves allowing for a dizzying amount of possibilities in terms of repertoire. Apart from his numerous recordings with the internationally highly renowned label BIS, Anders Miolin has also recorded several CDs with this new instrument and recently, a DVD, with the unique repertoire on the 13-string guitar.

  • Participates in:

    Masterclass, Jury

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