About Zagreb

Zagreb is the Croatian capital, and the largest city by population. The city of Zagreb has grown from Gradec and Kaptol, two neighboring hills. Gradec is the heart of Zagreb, its historical center. Due to its history and significance, Zagreb is rich in monuments and architecture. Residential neighborhoods surround Zagreb on the North, while former worker districts experiencing strong reurbanization belt the Croatian capital on the South.

The appearance and design of Zagreb categorize it as a typical Central European city. Zagreb is the largest cultural center of Croatia. There are several institutions in the city that are viewed as being of high prestige. In music industry, it is the Concert and Congress Hall Vatroslav Lisinski, in the world of theater, ballet and opera – the Croatian National Theatre, among libraries – the National and University Library. Among many quality museums and galleries, based on the cultural exhibition echo, perhaps the most prominent one is the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery.

Zagreb is the host of several significant festivals, such as:

Zagreb hosts important film festivals:

When it comes to music festivals, one can enjoy:

  • Zagrebfest, one of the oldest events of Croatian pop music,
  • avant-garde music festival – Muzic biennale Zagreb,
  • and the Zagreb Philharmonic Festival.

Since 1996, the streets of Zagreb have been hosting

  • the international multimedia festival of street performers – Cest is d’Best,
  • and, in 2014, Zagreb Guitar Festival has joined this impressive series.

More about Zagreb, accommodation, sights and attractions on the pages of Zagreb Tourist Board. 

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