7th Zagreb Guitar Festival International Competition is approaching, and there is only a few days left to secure your spot in the competition. Deadline for submitting the competition application is Thursday, May 20th by the end of the day (that is by 23:59, Central European Time).

All you have to do to apply is fill out the application form that is available on our website. Alongside your personal information, you also need to add your program as well as confirmation of payment to that application form. If you are competing in the VI. category with no age limit, you also need to submit both of the competition videos by May 20th.

By applying to this competition, you get a chance to compete for great prizes! Since first five categories will be held in person, you also get a chance to play on the real stage after a year and a half long pandemic, that closed concert halls and transferred competitions on the virtual stage. Join us for the competition that will be organized from May 31st and will last until June 4th. As it was previously mentioned, only the No age limit category will be organized completely online. Regulations can be found here.

Don’t miss this opportunity and apply here. We are looking forward to all of your applications and can’t wait to hear you on our stage later this month.