#ZGF 2018 concerts are divided into two groups: ZGF YOUNG STARS and ZGF ALL STARS. We are
proud that All Stars concerts offer you world’s best guitarists in diverse musical genres and our Young
Stars are the top guitarists of the younger generation who have already proven themselves at an
international level.

3.4.2018. Winners of 3rd ZGF: Laureates Concert, Mimara Museum
3.4.2018.Flamenco night: Gerardo Nunez trio, Crystal Hall, Hotel Westin
4.4.2018.Eurostrings Young Stars Concert, Mimara Museum
4.4.2018.Guitar Cabaret: Laurum Quartet, Crystal Hall, Hotel Westin
5.4.2018.Eurostrings Young Stars Concert, Mimara Museum
5.4.2018.Jazz Night: Stanley Jordan, Crystal Hall, Hotel Westin
6.4.2018.Eurostrings Young Stars Concert, Mimara Museum
6.4.2018.Classical Transcriptions: Judicael Perroy, Mimara Museum
7.4.2018.ZGF International Competition - Finale, Mimara Museum
8.4.2018.Eurostrings European Guitar Competition - Finale, Mimara Museum