Other activities

Guitar Orchestra

Guitar orchestra will be conducted by Monika Krajnc Štih during the Zagreb Guitar Festival. The participants will make music together by performing in guitar  orchestra. All guitarists, not only competitors, are welcome to participate in the Festival’s orchestra.



ZGF@fter– after an exciting day at the Festival all participants and guests are welcome to join us at Caffe & TD, a really jazzy place to hang out.

ZGF Street



Luthier & Guitar Accessories Exhibition

Luthier exhibition

For participation, fees and other details please contact

The new edition of the Zagreb Guitar Festival will for the first time host a luthier & guitar accessories expo, which will take place during April 5 & 6, 2019 at the beautiful marble Mimara Museum in the heart of Zagreb, Croatia.

The wonderful line-up of artists during the festival (Assad Brothers, Yamandu Costa, Bandini & Chiaccaretta, Stochelo Rosenberg & Friends, Antonio Rey Trio, Aniello Desiderio with the EuroStrings Orchestra, Maroje Brcic, Carlo Marchione, Paolo Pegoraro, Brian Head, Adam Del Monte, Darko Karajic, Thomas Offermann and more) will be accompanied by the first ever EuroStrings conference, providing an amazing selection of lectures and workshops. In addition to this, the EuroStrings conference will during the time of the guitar expo provide home for all of the EuroStrings partner festival leaders Eurostring Members, offering an incredible networking opportunity.

The ZGF guitar expo will provide a table for each luthier or company, individual rooms for guitar tryouts and 2 sessions of 1 hour public guitar presentations for all participating luthiers. ZGF Expo will take place at the Hrvatski Glazbeni Zavod.

CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS (alphabetical order)

  • Adrian Heinzelmann
  • Angela Waltner
  • Antonio Zwirn
  • Carlos Juan Busquiel
  • Dietmar Heubner
  • Michael Batell
  • royal classics
  • Samo Sali