EuroStrings Artists on Zagreb Guitar Festival 2021


Jack Hancher


Francisco Luis


Özberk Miraç Sarıgül


Bianka Szalaty

2020 EuroStrings Guitar Competition winner


Lovro Peretić

EuroStrings – European Guitar Festival Collaborative is a first European platform in the classical guitar sector founded by Zagreb Guitar Festival and gathering 19 classical guitar festivals. The Platform was launched in November 2017 and till 2021 will be co-funded by EU fund Creative Europe.

EuroStrings will strongly support the circulation of emerging talents among EuroStrings Festivals offering the winners of those Festival’s international competitions an opportunity to reach international audiences giving them possibility to work transnationally and to access new markets.

Platform creates a hub of international opportunities for winners of international competitions of EuroStrings Festivals like concert tours, educational and training programs that foster the professional development of guitarists helping them to develop successful international career.

Starting from 2017 all winners of international competitions of EuroStrings Festivals will have possibility to enter into Eurostrings Artists exchange programme and to tour different Festivals where they will have concerts, masterclasses and different outreach educational programmes.

The Eurostrings Artists will also be encouraged to challenge themselves and compete in annual EuroStrings Winners’ Competition, having chances to win cash prize and develop world-wide career having concerts in Europe, US and in China.

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