Did you know that ZGF is the founder of the first global collaborative platform of Classical Guitar Festivals, gathering 17 European classical guitar festivals? Focusing on fostering European musical excellence, EuroStrings is an ever-expanding collaboration of 17 European Festival partners with global partners in the US and Asia.

EuroStrings fosters excellence in musicianship, outreach work within the community, creating audience development opportunities, networking and last but not least, world-class education for emerging young guitarists. Our aim is to promote classical guitar through modern means of communication and to facilitate beyond-academic educational and professional opportunities for a group of young professionals called EuroStrings Artists – a selected group of young professionals, winners of international competitions of the festivals that are members of the EuroStrings Platform.

These Artists are awarded a year-long touring programme, focusing on festival visits within Europe, following a carefully curated programme – the EuroStrings Curriculum. This program involves work with professionals from the field called EuroStrings Ambassadors and other industry specialists in developing geared workshops, teaching, community outreach, chamber and solo appearances. At the end of the year-long program, a big EuroStrings Competition is organized for our Artists, offering only one of them the chance to continue the tour globally in the following year. EuroStrings Artists are the staple of EuroStrings excellence and the future of our instrument.

By winning the international guitar competition at Zagreb Guitar Festival, you will get the opportunity to become part of EuroStrings!