As we are reaching home-run with competition preparations, we want to highlight some important information for all the competitors that will be competing in person. Since our main goal is to protect the health of all competitors, jury members and organizational team, it is important that everyone follows epidemiological measures and guidelines that were set by the National Civil Protection Headquarters.
While playing, the competitor and their parent/teacher can listen to him/her, while everyone else can watch the live stream on our Youtube channel. The competitors can arrive at the competition venue early (before it’s their time to compete) to rehearse. They can rehearse in the rehearsal room or in the garden of the venue. As you know, the competition will be held at the Croatian Composers Society in Zagreb (address: Berislavićeva 9).
Competition countdown is on, so make sure to check out competition booklet! You can find a detailed competition schedule with the names of all competitors and their programs. Moreover, check out the section about upcoming concerts at our festival and buy your tickets here.