Damijan Bučić

Damjan Bučić - Zagreb Guitar Festival

Damijan Bučić was born on May 10, 1985 in Rijeka. In the 4 th grade of elementary school, he enrolled in I. M. Ronjgov Music School, and started playing guitar in the class of Professor Antonio Mrčela. He continued his music education with the same mentor in high school, and at the same time attended the First Croatian Gimnasium of „Sušak“. After graduating from both schools, he enrolled to study guitar at the Academy of Music in Zagreb in the class of prof. Istvan Roemer. He is a scholarship holder of the City of Rijeka and the Primorje-Gorski kotar County. He graduated in 2008 and earned the title Academic Guitar Musician, Guitar Professor and Master of Music. During his studies he actively participated in masterclasses of eminent world guitarists and educators such as Zoran Dukić, Pavel Staidl, Marcin Dyla, Carl Marchione, Peter Saidl, Paolo Pegorar. At one of these masterclasses he met the eminent Italian guitarist and educator Paolo Pegorar, and started a specialist study of guitar with him at the F. Tarreg Guitar Academy in Pordenone (Italy). He continued his studies with the same mentor at the Kunstuniversitat Graz, where he enrolled in an art master’s program for two years. He teaches guitar as a guitar teacher at the Vatroslav Lisinski Music School in Zagreb.