David Collett


David Collett has been playing music most of his life – he began at the young age of 6 with the violin and eventually migrated to the guitar in his teens.
He studied with 10-string virtuoso Vince Macaluso until entering UCSD, where he double-majored in music and economics, completing his guitar studies under the tutelage of the great Celin Romero. Celin’s instruction not only focussed on repertoire and playing technique, but also included an introduction to the world of the instrument itself. Celin shared the guitars in his collection (including the likes of Miguel Rodriguez, Hermann Hauser, Santos Hernandez, etc.), along with his great experience and knowledge of the great makers. It was here that David’s knowledge of the great builders began, and the deep impression this made ultimately convinced him to pursue a career dealing in with fine instruments.
After studying and working in Europe for several years, David joined the Guitar Salon International team in 2000 and now he is its president.