Monika Krajnc Štih


Monika Krajnc Štih started playing the guitar at Žalec with Srečko Lavbič, she continued her studies in Ljubljana with Tomaž Šegula. She completed her academic education at the Music University of Graz with Martin Mysliveček, where she also completed her Master’s degree studies. She studied the life of one of the most important guitarists Ide Presti for her Master’s thesis. For this purpose she had a conversation with the famous guitarist and composer John W. Duarte and published it in her Master’s thesis.
She has been upgrading guitar guides in Velenje with her mentors: Jerko Novak, Istvan Romer, Tomaž Lorenz, Abel Carlevar in Erlbach (Germany), David Crosky in Mikulov (Czech Republic), John W. Duarte and Paul Steidl in Graz (Austria).
As a secondary school student, she received several first prizes in competitions as a soloist and as a member of chamber ensembles. At the invitation of Ljubljana Musical Youth, she participated in the Autumn Serenades cycle three times (1990, 1991, 1995). In the 1991/92 concert season of the Celje String Orchestra she performed in a duo with Tomaž Lorenz, and in 1996 on the stage of the most promising in Music July on the Coast. In 2005, together with her husband Boris, she recorded a successful CD for a guitar duo in a series of successful concerts in Slovenia and Austria. They were one of the first guitar duos in Slovenia.
Monika Krajnc Štih is also dedicated to teaching guitar at the Music School in Velenje and the Art High School in Velenje. Her pupils win the highest prizes at national and international competitions.
She participates as a jury member in various competitions and is also an active member of a group of guitarists. She is the secretary of the EGTA in Slovenia, which every year organizes seminars and concerts.