Previous episode of our “online Music Delights” series with Ana Vidović was a true delight for all classical guitar enthusiasts. This Friday’s episode will be special as two guests will be a part of it for the first time.

EuroStrings winners, Jesse Flowers and Mateusz Kowalski will be the stars of the episode and will share their experiences in the Q&A interview. As usual, after we get to know them a little bit better through that interview, you will get to enjoy in their concert!

If you’re still not following our social media platforms, make sure you do that as everything will be streamed over on our Facebook page and Youtube channel. And while you’re there, catch up on the other episodes of “online Music Delights” with Tilman Hoppstock, Goran Krivokapić and Ana Vidović!

See you at our virtual stage this Friday, August 7th from 20:00 (CET) when the Q&A will be streamed and the concert will start at 21:00 (CET).