Stefan Schmidt

Stefan Schmidt

For the past two decades Stefan Schmidt has been considered to be one of the most successful guitar pedagogues in Germany.

He completed his studies at the Hochschule für Musik in Frankfurt with Stephan Werner (1987-1991) and Prof. Michael Teuchert (1991-1994). His students have been awarded more than a hundred prizes at national and international competitions and festivals.

So remarkable has been his success with young students that his teaching concept and methods have led to invitations to present workshops and lectures at music schools or universities both in Germany and abroad.

Since 2011 he has taught didactics and methodic of guitar playing at the Leopold Mozart Center at the University in Augsburg. In 2015 he received the prestigious acknowledgement „Friedberger Flügel“for his artistic and
pedagogical activities.

For Stefan Schmidt teaching is a form of art that can be practiced and developed in the same way that playing and performing can.

His experience has led to the development of techniques that enable the student to learn a lot more quickly, similar to those employed in the usual school lessons.

In his lectures Stefan will speak about such topics as: education of small children (pre-school age), musicality from the beginning, control of the teaching tempo, first classes, optimization options, family integration, motivation as the driving force, building of a successful instrumental class... and much more.